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Gloria Hopkins, Painter, Photographer, Author

gloria hopkinsThanks for stopping by, I'm Gloria Hopkins and I'm an award-winning visual artist and author living in south Florida. I spend my days painting, writing in my studio and in the field with my cameras acquiring material for my book and painting projects.

My approach to painting is to capture my personal interpretations of natural history subjects whether they be representational or abstractions. My love of image-making extends into the photography field as well, so when I want photorealism in my work, I use my cameras.

Because nature is my biggest passion I try to keep my photography as true to life as possible. There is very little hand-of-man in my photographs. There are no composites, captive or zoo animals, photo art, HDR images or Photoshop tricks used, other than those which bring the final image closest to the actual scene I saw in the field. I use Canon cameras and lenses and Bogen tripods.

I write articles and books on the topic of image design and composition for photographers and my first book, Natural Design, is curriculum for a sixth year at McDaniel Art College in Westminster, Maryland. Other schools include the University of Tennessee at Nashville and countless online photography schools. My articles have been translated into several different languages and published globally.

I have two books for nature photographers, and I am currently working on my first book for general photographers. These can be found in the books link above. I am learning Spanish so that I can translate my books into Spanish for the Latin American market.

I am available for painting, photo and writing assignments and can be contacted in the following ways: gloriahopkins@gmail.com or (561) 703-2886. Delray Beach, Florida